KISHO Glass Coating takes you to The 26th International Exhibition Of Automobile Accessories, china, looking for something new

- Mar 05, 2018-

KISHO Glass Coating takes you to The 26th International Exhibition Of Automobile Accessories, china, looking for something new thing.

New transparent paint mask, color paint film


Features: To achieve the car paint completely isolated from the air, water, acid rain, dust, fingerprints, oil, dirt, scratch-resistant, bump, acid and alkali corrosion, high temperature; scratch scratch independent peeling, Paint-grade anti-yellowing, construction risk-free, leaving no trace! A product extension of three products: transparent paint mask, color film, peelable paint; a film, for many years to protect the car paint will always be new.

Technical characteristics: Spend plating Spefilmcr new PU is a new type of water-borne environmentally friendly material surface coating technology new material, half an hour film, spray coating process to achieve the peel-off film, extreme transparency, paint the ultimate protection, including anti-UV polymer , Anti-yellowing, according to a certain degree of toughness, dry paint to form a layer of protective film or peelable color paint, paint the car can be isolated from the air, based on acid rain protection paint, anti-oxidation, anti-scratch, Long-lasting protection of the paint, extending the field of transparent protection and color change, polishing repair.

Appearance characteristics: The standard of construction of Spefilmcr is the ex-factory standard for new car paint finish of high-end car. The gloss, smoothness and plumpness of the film surface can not be recognized by vision and touch, so the real invisible, boundless and without Interface, to fine scratch self-healing function, still in a few years after the complete stripping.

Market value

Speaking of Spefilmcr's core value of R & D for new materials is based on the film-forming technology that protects the surface of high value-added items from complicated angles. It is even more advantageous in the automotive field under the trend of global consumption of car and color film. A product directly extends the three segments, the transparent paint protective film market, the color film market, paint market; in the paint mask market has solved the plastic, edge, impatience yellowing main pain points in the color film market addition Solve the gum, there are edges, impatient yellowing pain points, but also to achieve the return color is not just paste the plastic texture of the film, but to return to the original car grade 100% paint texture, but also to solve the Chinese paste color Difficult to change the history of film policy issues.

Speaking of Spefilmcr waterborne clothing new materials more popular abroad, the direct effect on the paint film to achieve the original factory-level magic amazing effect, it is not only environmentally friendly, the natural environment, policies, construction workers health and sustainable development It is important, it is different from the previous oily spray film material, but also to play a more differentiated play temporary personalized color, not lasting oily hand spray film, but to meet the stringent requirements of millions of luxury cars, but also to meet the high-end car mainstream Demand products; product testing has been gradually globalized, began to export in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Japan. Products in the domestic field at the top luxury cars such as Ferrari, Rolls-Royce, McLaren, Bentley models also have very good performance, the relatively homogeneous serious paste of the process of clothing and color film, a separate category of differentiated value , The value of agents and consumers can also highlight.

special service

Speaking of Spefilmcr's sales of new materials core value is to create value for consumers, to create added value for the agents, through the agents implanted standardized marketing system, training system, application system and after-sales service system to enhance the product more The value of self-operation centers in various provinces and cities from the depth of marketing and training to assist local service providers in the 4S shop, beauty shop, spray shop, spray shop and other multi-channel laying, but also changed the paint industry has experienced decades The same process, so that spray paint can also be done across the transparent stickers affixed to the car, paste color film work, as well as peelable paint