KISHO Glass Coating value kit Suppliers Reminder:Ice road safety driving

- Mar 03, 2018-

Icing on the road has a significant safety hazard to the vehicle, at which point the friction between the tire and the ground is greatly reduced and the vehicle is out of control because of the slipping ice. Therefore, in this rain and snow driving, to be more careful, such as the following mentioned several points of attention, we must pay attention.

1, speed is not too fast

Due to the reduced friction between the tire and the ground, the braking distance is much longer than in the dry road surface. The distance to decelerate to a standstill at 40km / h in icing is equivalent to a distance of 70km / h in the dry With the speed increase, the braking distance on the icy road surface will be longer. If there is a sudden braking situation, it is likely to lead to uncontrolled vehicles, ESP can not save at this time.


2, to maintain distance / go straight

Driving on an icy road, the vehicle may not be able to brake or slipping. Therefore, in this case, do not change lane or overtake frequently and try to maintain a straight line.


3, focused / predictable

In winter, because of the cold weather, many people turn their heaters on as soon as they get on the car. When the temperature in the car reaches a comfortable level, people start to sleep and not to mention driving on ice and snow. This will create a serious safety hazard on weekdays . Therefore, tea brother suggested that the heating can be open, if you feel trapped, immediately open the window to blow cold or take other ways to refresh.


4, downhill and turn should pay attention to what?

In the freezing face encountered downhill, do not use taxiing, to minimize the speed, do not brake the brakes. Encountering a curve, the probability of vehicle slipping will greatly increase, more prone than other sections of the accident, therefore, before entering the corner should be slowed down in advance, to maintain low-speed cornering, do not turn in turn cornering


5, poor sight turn on the lights

If the line of sight is not good, turn on the lights and the fog lights so that other vehicles pay attention to their own vehicles.


KISHO Glass Coating value kit Suppliers Reminder: Due to the higher viaduct position, the freezing probability of the viaduct is much larger than that of ordinary pavement, and because of the higher and more open areas, the lower temperature and the windy area, the icing condition of the viaduct pavement Will be serious.