Kisho manufacturers teach you how to keep a car in the summer?

- Jun 01, 2018-

Kisho manufacturers teach you how to keep a car in the summer?

First, paint beauty care

Summer ultraviolet rays are extremely intense, and acid rain and sandstorm weather are also frequent. They all cause varying degrees of damage to the paint. Therefore, it is recommended that everyone do a good job of maintaining the car. We can choose nano coating to provide a protective film for automotive paint, to avoid car scratches or car paint oxidation.


Second, check the air conditioning

Because air conditioning is used frequently in summer, some mechanical failures are inevitable. Therefore, we must conduct a full inspection of the air-conditioning system to avoid long-term bad weather or accidental damage to the pipeline. At the same time, air conditioners should also be cleaned and the air conditioner filter should be cleaned and replaced.


Third, adjust the tire pressure

As the temperature increases during the summer, the tire pressure becomes extremely unstable. If the tire pressure is abnormal, it will easily cause an increase in fuel consumption, and may even result in a flat tire, leading to hidden dangers in driving safety. Therefore, we must pay attention to the tire pressure at any time in the summer, and at the same time check whether the tires are excessively worn. Once the tires are abnormal, they must be promptly adjusted and replaced.


Fourth, maintenance wipers

The summer rainy season is frequent. If the wiper is not clean during rainy days, it will affect the sight of the driver and is not conducive to safe driving. During the inspection, we can pull the wiper up and wipe it with a finger on the cleaned wiper rubber to check for damage and the elasticity of the rubber blade. If blade aging, hardening and cracking occur, wiper blades must be replaced in time.

Fifth, clean the interior

In summer, the weather is hot and the interior is prone to bacterial growth. KISHO recommends that the car use interior cleaners to clean the interior, or to thoroughly clean the car interior.