Kisho premuam top coating value kit X-01 skiing coating

- Apr 02, 2018-

The simple daily maintenance of the car, such as changing the oil, filter element, spare tire, spark plug, etc., is a little complicated or to the repair shop. What kind of tools can be prepared for maintenance?

Such as: Jack, safety bracket, oil drain screw wrench, machine filter wrench, in addition to these few, paint protection is the car's face, we can not ignore it.

Car paint is often affected by these, you do not care, the car must look older and, like human skin, not to maintain, youth is no longer.

(1) Sunlight exposure: The ultraviolet rays in sunlight are the main factors causing the aging of polymer materials, and their heat accelerates the aging of the paint surface, thereby causing damage to the paint surface.

(2) Acid and alkali corrosion: The corrosion of rain, dew, and acid and alkaline substances contained in the air can accelerate the aging of the paint surface, which is dull and dull. Acid-base media and organic solvent-based substances that exist in nature are the main factors that cause corrosion of topcoats by chemicals.

(3) Sand and sand wear: The wear of sand and sand can make many small scratches on the paint surface, and the mirror effect of the paint surface is weakened.

(4) Iron powder: Industrial and mining, construction sites, urban roads, and railways are all major sources of iron powder. Iron powder itself is easily oxidized, and it easily reacts with acids and alkalis to generate rust. When iron powder is oxidized, The paint is oxidized together with the paint. The lightness makes the car paint luster drop and discoloration (white paint becomes yellow, dark paint becomes grayish brown), and the car paint will also deteriorate, peel, and fall off.

(5) Urban dirt: Corrosion of pollen, corpse, bird droppings, asphalt, etc., can make the paint surface to form stains, the gloss disappears.

Kisho premuam top coating value kit X-01 skiing coating, simple and easy to operate, the effect of a plated crystal experience performance, although not reach so long, but the time in about six months, for the individual car owners should still be a good choice!