KISHO teaches you how to remove asphalt

- May 11, 2018-

KISHO auto wheel coating suppliers teaches you how to remove asphalt

The first method of asphalt cleaning

The use of JOYBOON clay and washing mud with lubricating fluid to remove this method is only effective for light tar contamination. The advantage is that it saves costs, but the disadvantage is that it is inefficient and may cause secondary hurt on the paint during construction. 

The second method of asphalt cleaning

When dealing with more severe tar pollution, we recommend an efficient and economical method to apply asphalt cleaners to tools such as microfiber towels/hyperfiber waxed cotton and other tools. After the asphalt remover is applied, asphalt pellets will be generated. "Tearing phenomenon" means that asphalt remover is dissolving loose asphalt particles. Use this tool to gently wipe back and forth to quickly remove asphalt without causing a large loss of asphalt remover.

Finally remind everyone that please use the cheaper asphalt cleaner carefully. If it is not handled properly, it may cause damage to the plastic/rubber/ethylene parts and it is difficult to repair. The asphalt remover also has a very good effect on the cleaning of bird droppings, gums, corpses, and other contaminants. The treatment is similar to asphalt. For example, bird droppings, which contain a lot of protein, can cause serious damage to the paint if left untreated, such as white marks on the painted surface, cracking of varnish, and other problems.