Kisho Window Coating Manual

- Jan 31, 2018-


Designation of product: kisho window coating


1. 5 G-01 window coating agents (20ml);

2. 5 Coating film sponges;

3. 5 Coating cloths;

4. 1 Manual.

Product features:

This product is fluoride-containing coating film product, used to smear on glass surface to form water repellency film to enhance glass self-cleanness, which can improve visibility in rainy weather and enhance safety driving.


Precautions before the practice

1. Avoid practice under burning sun;

2. Avoid practice in temperature environment under 10;

3. Please read practice manual in details and follow practice procedures therein.

G-01 window coating practice method

1. Completely clear fouling and oil-film attached on window, and use a air gun to blow off moisture until it is completely dry;

2. Drip G-01 window coating agent on sponge wrapping the coating cloth for 7-10 drops, smear it on window uniformly with an alternating method of first lateral and then vertical;

3. Postpone for 5 min, then use a dry towel to wipe the window with polishing brightness to complete.


1. Avoid engaging water or rinsing the vehicle with 24 hours after practice.

2. This product is a mild irritant to skin, please wear protective gloves if allergic with its practice.

Storage method

1. Sealed storage in shade, optimal for 4-20(avoid high temperature and freezing);

2. Please store out of the range within children touch.


· Do not drink;

· Do not engage fireworks;

· Wash hands with soap after using;

· Immediately consult doctors for misguided intake and eye contact;

· Do not use for purposes other than vehicle glasses practice.