Large maintenance

- Jun 16, 2018-

1. Contents of major maintenance:

Major maintenance refers to the routine maintenance of oil and oil filter elements, air filter elements, and fuel filter elements that are performed at the manufacturer's specified time or mileage.

2. The interval between major maintenance:

Large maintenance is based on the existence of small maintenance, and the two types of maintenance are alternately performed. The interval varies depending on the brand of the car. Please refer to the manufacturer's recommendations.

3. Large maintenance supplies:

In addition to replacing oil and oil filters, there are two other items in major car maintenance:

1, air filter

The engine must suck in a lot of air during work. If the air is not filtered, the dust will accelerate the wear of the piston set and the cylinder. Larger particles enter between the piston and the cylinder and can also cause serious "pulling". The function of the air filter element is to filter out the dust and particles in the air and ensure that a sufficient amount of clean air is introduced into the cylinder.

2, fuel filter

The role of the fuel filter is to provide the engine with clean fuel, filter out the gasoline moisture and impurities. This allows engine performance to be optimized while also providing optimum engine protection.

Usually, when car maintenance is performed, the operator will perform other inspections based on the specific conditions of the car, and additional maintenance items such as inspection and maintenance of the engine-related system, tire position check, inspection of fastening components, and the like.