Lexus ES model overview

- Mar 08, 2019-

Lexus ES model overview

The biggest advantage: the appearance of the atmosphere; good comfort; exquisite workmanship.

The biggest shortcomings: general power and handling performance, lack of sports passion; higher price, expensive maintenance and repair; wind noise and tire noise.

Appearance: elegant appearance; low-key and restrained; smooth lines, more suitable for business use.

Interior: The overall design style of the interior is business luxury, with rich configuration, exquisite workmanship, comfortable seat; panoramic sunroof design and navigation system are more satisfied with users; users say “touch display screen, very grade, very practical".

Space: The interior is wide and spacious, the seats are large, and the ride is loose and decent.

Control: Lexus ES is the only car in the Lexus series that uses the front-wheel drive system, but the overall control performance is more general; the steering wheel is lighter, the road feels fuzzy, the suspension is soft, but the ride comfort is strong, the netizen said "especially the pit The winding road is just like sitting on a hovercraft. It’s too comfortable, it’s just super enjoyment. But too much pursuit of comfort leads to poor stability, high speed driving is easy to float; brakes are soft; old 350 has tires Phenomenon; mute effect is good, but wind noise and tire noise are large.

Power: engine technology is backward, power performance is general, output is smooth; but the start and speed is slow, netizens said that "the engine is louder when the engine is above 2000 rpm"; the tire noise is higher when the speed is increased.

Fuel consumption: Lexus ES has better fuel economy and lower fuel consumption. Most netizens are satisfied with their fuel consumption.