Location of the car drain hole distribution

- Jan 08, 2019-

Why are some cars that have been good for 15 years, some cars are only 6-7 years old, and the chassis of the car is rusty. In fact, this is mainly caused by the drainage holes being blocked, resulting in poor drainage. It can cause damage to the vehicle's machinery and circuits. Therefore, in the frequent rain and snow weather, please check the car's drain in time.

Drainage holes are generally distributed in the following places: sunroof, engine compartment, under the door panel, under the spare tire of the trunk, inside the fuel tank cap. The most prone to blockage is in the skylight and engine compartment, because these two places are the easiest to be Neglect.

Fuel tank cap drain hole

Fuel tank caps, I believe that many car owners should not take care of them other than when they are refueling, and this is the most clogged place.

Drain hole under the door panel

At present, most of the drain holes under the car door panel are not subjected to hose dredging. Due to the low position of the drain hole, long-term driving on the muddy road causes the mud to be sealed.

Trunk drain hole

Located below the storage area of the spare tire of the car, due to the low position, it is easy to infiltrate into the interior of the car during the wading process of the car. Most of the manufacturers will block it with soft plastic, and when it is released, it can be opened.

Skylight drain hole

If there is no long-term opening of the sunroof habit, the probability of the drainage hole blocking is not large, but there is a place to pay attention to the moisture in the rubber gap, which causes the interior panel to get wet.

Cabin drain hole

Located in the air inlet of the air conditioner, it is the most easily blocked. Because it is very close to the air intake, the bacteria are easy to breed in the hot cabin.

In fact, the maintenance of the drainage hole is not difficult, as long as we usually clean the garbage and dust when cleaning the car. Remember to wash the car directly with water and flush it with the drain hole. Also, place it in a cool place as far as possible to prevent the rubber from aging under direct sunlight and causing the gap to become larger. Most of the drains are not exposed, and are even concentrated in the front and rear bumpers. If the middle section of the pipe is blocked, it is a safe way to hand over to the 4S shop master. After all, it is difficult to disassemble the A-pillar trim and lap the drain pipe.