Mazda (Japanese car manufacturer) introduction

- Mar 01, 2019-

Mazda (Japanese car manufacturer) introduction

Mazda (MAZDA), a Japanese automaker based in Hiroshima, Japan, sells primarily in Asia, Europe and North America. MAZDA is one of the most famous automobile brands in Japan. It is the fourth largest automobile manufacturer in Japan and a world famous automobile brand. It is the only automobile company in the world that develops and produces rotary engines. In 2008, Fortune Global 500 ranked the 255th.

Founded in 1920, Mazda officially began producing small trucks in Hiroshima in 1931 and officially produced cars in the early 1960s. From 1981 to 2002, Mazda has produced more than 35 million vehicles. Before the 1990s, Mazda Motor Corporation ranked only in Japan after Toyota, Honda, and Nissan, and was one of the world's leading Japanese car brands.

Since 2000, Mazda has implemented the “New Millennium Plan” to bring the company's development to a new stage. Since 2002, Mazda has launched a series of new models such as MAZDA6, MAZDA3, MAZDA2, MAZDA8, RX-8, Roadstar and CX-7. Everywhere has achieved good sales performance. According to a report by Japan's TBS TV station on August 9, 2018, about 6,500 vehicles in Suzuki, Mazda and Yamaha engines have improper inspections of fuel consumption and exhaust gas testing.

In December 2018, the "2018 World Brand Top 500" compiled by the World Brand Lab was announced, ranking 242th.