Menzerna development history

- Jul 02, 2018-

 Menzerna development history

· 1888 Menzerna was founded by Friedrich Menzer in Pforzheim, Germany

· Started development and manufacture of polishing emulsions in 1967

· After a long period of lapse in 1995, Dr. Tilo.Franz, a shareholder, took the helm again and was appointed as a director and general manager.

· Establishment of new production and office locations in Oetigheim near Rastatt in 1997

·1998 passed ISO international 9001 certification

· Acquired Albert Lipp Mixture Manufacturing Division in 2001

· Acquisition of the blend manufacturing division of Gebr.Sauerwald in 2002

· Established the French branch of Menzerna France s.à.r.l.

· Established the Moroccan branch of Menzerna Maroc s.à.r.l. in 2005."

· Established China Branch Manzena Polishing Technology (Qingdao) Co., Ltd. in 2010