Mistakes in tire purchase

- Dec 19, 2018-

Mistakes in tire purchase

Misunderstanding 1: High price indicates good quality

The merchant may tell the buyer that the reason for the high price of imported tires is that the tariff is too high. According to China's relevant regulations: the tariff for imported tires is 30%, plus 17% VAT and 10% consumption tax. If you add the profit that the merchant wants, the retail price can be imagined. In fact, no one pays attention. However, there is another reason why the price of imported tires is too high: foreign suppliers overestimate costs in order to make money. Tires are a kind of consumables, especially tires fitted to ordinary foreign models. They are never special to the point of value for money.

Misunderstanding 2: Original imported best

Some people buy tires especially like to emphasize the original import. It is not known that the average car will start to change tires after two or three years. At this time, the so-called original tires are actually outdated in terms of style and performance. The same style of car is likely to be equipped with different manufacturers of tires, who can be called authentic Original imported? Only the price of the tire will be a lot higher than the original word.

Misunderstanding 3: Foreign popular is good

The most fatal flaw in the new tires pushed abroad is not applicable to domestic users. The smooth road surface in Europe is quite different from the road conditions in Beijing's Second Ring Road and Third Ring Road. Tires suitable for European road conditions are difficult to perform in Beijing. In particular, the impact resistance of the sidewall is obviously not acclimatized. Wearing Italian brand-name leather shoes to take the gravel road in general, the sidewalls are inevitable. After the domestic joint venture production of some foreign brand tires, a layer of cord fabric was added to the side of the tire according to the domestic road conditions, which greatly enhanced the impact resistance of the sidewall. The joint venture tires can completely replace the imported goods in terms of performance. .

Misunderstanding 4: The original specifications are unchanged

The incomplete specifications of imported tires are largely due to the market speculation of foreign suppliers, and only consider making money without considering the actual needs of customers. This is the code of conduct of some foreign suppliers, and many consumers Because there is no professional knowledge, I don't know the tricks of tire specification interchange, I have to look forward to the arrival of original imports.