Morris Garages brand introduction

- Feb 24, 2019-

Morris Garages brand introduction

MG (Mage) is the full name of Morris Garages. Founded in 1924, it is a British-born car brand. The company is famous for producing the famous MG series roadster. The MG sports car has always been famous for its unique design, fine workmanship and excellent performance.

The father of MG was William Morris, a bicycle repairman from Worcester, England, which started at 4 pounds. In 1910, Morris Garages (MG) was established. Ten years later, he changed from car dealership to manufacturing and R&D. In 1920, the first Morris car was built in the small town of Cowley. At this point MG embarked on a brilliant road of car R & D, William Morris attached to the dream of his own car industry, devoted his life to car and charity, was awarded the title of Lord Nofield.

In 1924, MG listed the first car designed by Kimber, in order to indicate that this new car is not just a modification of Morris car, Kim Bo uses the extremely tense, firm and stable octagonal shape of the British Catholic Church. As a symbol of MG, people think that the octagon symbolizes enthusiasm and loyalty.

In the same year, the French Le Mans 24 Hours was held for the first time. Since then, MG has actively participated in various competitions and achieved satisfactory results. With the turbulent motor sports, the MG brand quickly became popular and flourished, and the pursuit of MG became the UK at that time. a consumer fashion。