Motorcycle engine features

- Jul 30, 2018-

Motorcycle engine features

(1) The engine is a two-stroke or four-stroke gasoline engine.

(2) It adopts air-cooled cooling, which has natural air cooling and forced air cooling. The general model adopts a natural air-cooling cooling method that relies on running air to blow through the cylinder head and the heat sink on the cylinder sleeve to remove heat. In order to ensure low speed and cooling of the engine before starting, the high-power motorcycle engine uses a forced air-cooling method that uses a fan and an air hood to blow the cooling fins with forced air.

(3) The engine speed is high, generally above 5000 rpm. The power (the effective power emitted per liter of engine displacement) is large, typically around 60 kW/liter. This shows that the motorcycle engine has a high degree of reinforcement and the engine has a small outer shape.

(4) The engine crankcase is integrated with the clutch and transmission, and has a compact structure.