National vehicle inspection standards

- Apr 23, 2018-

In terms of specific implementation, Europe, the United States, and Japan are not all the same.

In Japan, similar to the domestic ones, there are also special vehicle inspection sites (except in Tokyo and the surrounding areas). The inspection work will be basically authorized for some large auto supply stores, and even some gas stations will be authorized to serve in relatively small areas. carry out.

The Japanese inspection process is more complicated than in China. Which involves different types of vehicles, body weight, displacement, hybrid power and so on.

Europe and the United States are similar in this respect, that is, they have no special vehicle inspection agency.


In the United States, all vehicle inspections are basically completed by authorized car dealers, repair shops, and gas stations. The entire vehicle inspection process is relatively simple, and basic safety and emissions inspection must be completed.


Most European countries also do not have government-run car inspection agencies. All vehicle inspection sites are private enterprises.