Necessary measures for winter vehicle inspection and maintenance

- Jan 07, 2019-

Necessary measures for winter vehicle inspection and maintenance

Check one: heating system

      Whether the heating system can work normally is undoubtedly very important for the winter. Although the heating system is simpler than the air conditioning system, it will also malfunction after the summer is deactivated. Therefore, it is necessary to test the heating air system before entering the winter without hot air, whether the fan is running or not, and whether the air duct is smooth.

Check 2: cooling system

If the engine's cooling system is ordinary water, it is easy to freeze, which is not conducive to the start of the car, which may cause serious damage to the engine. According to statistics, the failure of the cooling system is the number one killer that causes engine failure, accounting for about 60% of the total number of engine failures! Therefore, the use of antifreeze in winter can effectively curb the occurrence of icing events in the cooling system. In the winter, don't forget to check if the cooling system is out of liquid, whether it is degraded, and if necessary, replenish or replace it in time.

Antifreeze seems to be a trivial matter, but it has a great influence on the car. If it is light, it will block the pipeline, and the corrosion will damage the cylinder. Therefore, carefully choose anti-freezing liquid with caution. First, do not mix it. Second, do not use fake and shoddy products. In general, the antifreeze should be changed twice a year. It is best to rinse the cooling system before replacing it. If you have ever used ordinary water in the antifreeze, the antifreeze replacement cycle should be early, pay attention to the color of the antifreeze when changing, the color can not be mixed. As far as the choice of antifreeze is concerned, the lower the freezing point, the stronger the frost resistance of the antifreeze will be. At present, the freezing point of antifreeze on the market has several specifications such as -15 °C, -25 °C, -30 °C, -40 °C, etc. The selected freezing point should be 10 °C lower than the lowest temperature in the region.

Check three: intake system

 In the cold winter, occasionally the car will not start. Except for the possibility of insufficient cooling system and battery power, most of the reasons are caused by excessive carbon deposits such as throttles and intake ports.

Excessive carbon deposits in the throttle itself can easily cause ignition failure. In the summer, the throttle can not affect the engine start, but in the winter, because the ambient temperature of the vehicle is lower, the gasoline volatilization is affected, and the gasoline is ignited under the same conditions. The ability is relatively weak, the engine may fail to fire, or multiple ignitions are required. Therefore, it is recommended that the owner clean the engine throttle during the winter. In addition, cleaning the throttle body at intervals of about 20,000 kilometers at the same time to check the spark plug can also prevent the engine from catching fire.

Check four: lubrication system

As we all know, the oil has three functions of lubrication, cooling and cleaning. The normal flow of the oil is an important medium for ensuring the normal operation of the engine. However, the realization of these functions is mainly related to the viscosity and fluidity of the engine oil, and the viscosity of the oil changes with the temperature.

In summer, due to the high temperature, the oil fluidity is good, and the engine uses a large viscosity oil to ensure the proper viscosity to effectively achieve the lubrication effect. However, entering the winter weather is cold, especially in the north, most of the time is below zero, which causes the cold motor oil to be too thick, which will affect the start-up and increase the wear of the parts. At the same time, the hot car oil is too thin to reduce lubrication and sealing performance. Therefore, in the winter, the oil in the oil pan and air compressor should be replaced with the oil suitable for winter use; the gear oil in the transmission, transfer case, differential and steering gear should be replaced by winter. Gear oil used; after cleaning the hub bearing, add a lower viscosity bearing lubricant. If it is near or near the specified oil change time, it is best to replace it before the weather gets cold.

Check five: body paint

In the winter, the freezing temperature of the cold weather will plummet, and the frequency of car washing and maintenance will naturally decrease. Therefore, it is more important for the maintenance of car paint at the beginning of winter. Arrange a grid of multi-layer superimposed plated crystals for the car, full of nano-inorganic plated crystals and fluorinated plated crystals plus nano-fluorine curing agent, once fixed, layers are all love, to the car paint can be seen Get the protection. The body is super-slippery and resistant to corrosion and dirt, and it is more resistant to the erosion and scratching of the paint by the rain and snow.