Operating procedure and precautions for lacquer ceramic coating products

- Mar 07, 2019-

Operating procedure and precautions for lacquer ceramic coating products

1.Cleaning the vehicle

Clean some visible dirt

2. Deep cleaning

Deep cleaning of all kinds of substances attached to the paint and not belonging to the paint itself, reducing its adverse effects on the paint, and ensuring the performance of the subsequent care products.

If the paint surface is severely scratched, it needs to be polished and repaired with a polishing machine. After the polishing process, no paint finish cleaning is required.

3. Paint surface degreasing

Change the towel when skimming, because the grease on the car is not like dirty things, so you can see the towel dirty.

Do not touch or feel with your hands after degreasing. Be sure to degrease after contact. Otherwise, it will affect the bonding degree between plating and lacquer.

4. After finishing the process of cleaning, polishing, degreasing, etc., the plating can be officially started.

Precautions when plating:

When performing the plating operation, be sure to choose a clean room to ensure that there is no water in the gaps around the body, so as not to affect the construction effect.

Before we start, we can divide the paint into several areas, which will make the construction effect better. It is recommended that the area not be too large to ensure that it will not be missed.

Select an area on the paint to pour the crystallized product onto the sponge and wipe it back and forth with a Z-shaped cross. This wiping time usually depends on the temperature, humidity, etc. of your environment.

During the wiping process, we can judge whether the plating solution starts to solidify. If it feels that the paint surface is a little dry and difficult to wipe, then we will lower the strength of the handle and quickly wipe it again.

In the process of quick wiping, we use a plated sponge to remove excess plating on the paint surface.

Then use a fiber towel to wipe off the residual plating solution, then this area has been plated. A car is divided into different areas to repeat the above construction, and the whole car is slowly completed.

After plating, it usually takes 2 to 3 days to cure, in order to ensure the full combination of plating and paint.

During this period, to keep the work surface dry, you can use an infrared lamp or other heating means to accelerate the curing. (The above plating method does not mean that all brand plating liquids can be operated in the same way. It is recommended to carefully watch the product manual before construction)

A complete set of cleaning and maintenance processes requires car wash, deep cleaning, polishing, degreasing, and plating. Each step affects the final performance.