Pagani overall configuration introduction

- Apr 10, 2019-

Pagani overall configuration introduction

1.Power configuration

Pagani Huayra is equipped with the M158 series 6.0L twin-turbocharged V12 engine customized by Mercedes-Benz AMG. The maximum power will exceed 730 horsepower and the peak torque is about 1000N·m. It is equipped with a 7-speed serial single-clutch transmission. Up to 370KM

The engine is also used in the Mercedes SL65 Black Series, which differs from Mercedes-Benz's own version, reducing turbo lag to improve throttle response, while using a new piston and intake manifold to accommodate this Variety.

2. Design

From the design point of view, Pagani Huayra continues Zonda's design style, the front face shape is very different compared to Zonda.

The vehicle is streamlined so that the design will achieve a lower air resistance coefficient. The door also introduces a new gull-wing door design, while the exterior mirrors are attached to the front fender so that the rear view mirror will not affect the normal opening of the door.

As a successor to Pagani's Zonda, Huayra's front face is full of design, and the front shape is even a bit exaggerated. The front face has a wedge-shaped nose and a drop-shaped glass compartment. Of course, the most characteristic feature is the gull-wing door.

3. Interior

For the interior, Pagani Huayra uses different colors of leather, aluminum and carbon fiber to arrange the interior space. The blue display in the middle of the center console enables navigation and music listening.

Compared with Zonda, Pagani's Huayra has a larger internal space, which increases the ride comfort and does not make the occupants feel depressed. In other respects, the touch navigation screen and Bluetooth connection function are also in Pagani. Huayra is readily available.

4. Structure and material

Due to the large amount of carbon fiber material, the weight of the vehicle is controlled at 3,000 pounds (about 1.36 tons). The official said that the speed of the new rear-wheel drive can reach 230 mph (370 km / h).

Huayra is made of a large number of carbon fiber materials, and the door and fenders are made of this material. The components such as the frame are made of a new carbon-titanium alloy, which is light in carbon fiber. Quantitative properties, as well as the ultra-high strength of titanium alloy, this lightweight design makes the total weight of only 1350 kg.

5. Body size

The size of the Huayra is 4605mm × 2036mm × 1169mm, and the wheelbase is 2795mm. The model adopts the power layout of the rear-mounted rear drive. The weight distribution of the front and rear axles is 44:56, which is close to the ideal ratio of 50:50.