Paint surface common problems and treatment methods

- Jul 21, 2018-

Paint surface common problems and treatment methods

Cause of asphalt

Asphalt is the most common when we are washing a car or doing lacquer care, because the owner is driving on the newly repaired road (the road is mostly asphalt, which is what we call asphalt), the groove of the tire and the vehicle are too fast. The speed will accidentally smash the asphalt on the paint, and the asphalt will generally appear on the skirt of the vehicle and the front and rear bumpers.


For asphalt treatment, most beauty technicians first thought of using asphalt cleaners, but when using asphalt cleaners, they are either difficult to handle or easy to handle. Why? Because the asphalt is not completely dried when the owner is just on the paint, it is best to deal with it at that time, but if it is left for a day or two, it will not be handled well. In the case of such a long-term situation, we first use a roasting gun to soften the asphalt, then spray it with tar cleaning agent to completely melt it, and then wipe it with a moist towel. This is the best way to deal with it, and it is also the most time-saving and material-saving method!