Paint Surface Plating Coating Knowledge

- Apr 03, 2018-

The car plating crystal is the most advanced automotive paint protection solution. It will raise the concept of car beauty protection to the “protection” level, which is the highest level of car beauty!

1. Scratch-resistance: The hardness of the diamond crystal is up to 6H. Compared with the hardness of 2H for common car paint, it can prevent most minor scratches, and it has its own elastic recovery function to protect the vehicle from daily minor scratches.

2. Corrosion resistance: The ultra-fine nanocrystalline layer of diamond crystals isolates the paint from the outside and can effectively prevent oxidation, corrosion of bird droppings, flying insect slurries, and acid rain.

3, easy to clean: the paint surface to a mirror state, so that the body is easy to clean and maintain, all kinds of dust and all kinds of dirt only use clean water (without any detergent) rinse, the body surface can restore and maintain crystal clear, even if With oil stains or worm corpses, you can easily remove the wet towel by simply rubbing the surface of the object. At the same time, you can save more than 50% of the amount of car washing, and it has a super-hydrophobic and self-cleaning function.

4. Brighter: Diamond crystals have a similar crystal structure to that of diamonds, increasing the refraction of light, making the brightness of the car surface higher and the paint surface bright and beautiful. The brightness is more than 95% (the new car is only about 70%).

5. Strong water repellent: The low surface energy tension of diamond crystals is repelled by water droplets.