Painted protective film lasts to protect your car

- Feb 02, 2019-

Painted protective film lasts to protect your car

Paint surface protective film is a high-performance new environmental protection film. It is widely used in the automotive film beauty care industry. It is a common name for transparent paint surface protective film. It can be used to isolate the car paint surface from air, and prevent acid rain and defense. Oxidizes, resists scratches and protects your paint finish.

First, it does not damage the original car paint, and enhances the protection of the original car paint. The traditional car beauty painting process enhances the brightness, but at the expense of the original car paint, the body film can not only achieve the effect of painting, but also restore the original car paint.

Second, it can protect the original car paint for a long time, eliminating the cost of sealing glaze coating and saving beauty costs.

Third, prevent corrosion. Nowadays, "a breath of air", the paint must be faced with acid rain corrosion, oxidation, and a protective film on the paint surface. From then on, the paint is separated from the external environment.

Fourth, fight against the taxi party. Many riders may inexplicably suffer from the innocent disaster of bear children, sticking a protective film to prevent ice, snow, tree branches, sun marks, dents and sandstone from collapsing, adding one to their car. Layer protection barrier.