Plating crystal contact angle

- Jan 27, 2018-

Contact angle: refers to the gas, liquid, solid three intersection points made at the gas-liquid interface tangent through the liquid and solid-liquid boundary line between the angle θ. Surface tension can be calculated from measured contact angles, or a measure of the degree of liquid wetting, but our customers use the contact angle to determine hydrophobicity and hydrophilicity to confirm the treatment or cleaning of the surface of the object.

If the contact angle is less than 90 degrees, the solid surface is hydrophilic, that is, the liquid is easier to wet the solid, the smaller the angle, the better the wettability;

If the contact angle is greater than 90 degrees, then the solid surface is hydrophobic, the liquid is not easy to wet the solid, easy to move on the surface, the general contact angle of 110 degrees or more is a perfect drop of water effect, hydrophobicity is very good.