Popular tire identification knowledge

- Oct 29, 2018-

Popular tire identification knowledge

Tire marking means that according to the national standard, the production number, manufacturer's trademark, size specification, level, maximum load and corresponding air pressure, carinaline Chinese pinyin code, installation requirements and driving direction marks shall be marked on both sides of the tire.

The symbols on the side of the tire are marked with “△”, “-”, “□” or the words “W” and “D”, indicating the lightest part of the tire. When installing the inner tube, the valve should be aligned with the symbol. In order to make the weight around the tire even, keep the tire smooth at high speed. If the arrow "" indicates a directional tire. Install in the direction of rotation in the direction of the arrow.

The high pressure tire is represented by D×B, D represents the nominal outer diameter of the tire, and B is the section width of the tire in inches. "X" means a high pressure tire.

Low-pressure tires are indicated by B-d, B is the tire cross-sectional width, d is the rim diameter, and "-" is the low-pressure tire. Since the section B is approximately equal to the section height H, the loaded rim size d can be calculated as d=D-2B. For example, the Audi tire is 185/80R1490S type.