Porsche 911's 70th birthday gift

- Jun 09, 2018-

Porsche 911's 70th birthday gift

On June 8, 2018, Porsche celebrated the 70th anniversary of the brand. In addition to the announcement of the future of the first electric car named Taycan, the new retro sports car - the new generation of the 911 Speedster concept car was officially announced, the new car will be used as the 991 Porsche According to other media reports, the new car will be released on July 12 and will be mass-produced in 2019.

The new 911 Speedster concept car is based on the 911 911 GT3. In addition to the classic open-top body, it also uses elements of classic models in many places. For example, the body is made of GT silver and white, two kinds of classic paint used by Porsche racing cars, Porsche 911 unique front filler is also moved to the center of the front trunk lid, while the shorter and lower front windshield also makes the car look It's more sporty.


As a 911 Speedster tail design must be the most memorable. The fairing at the rear of the seat is made of pure carbon fiber material, and on the basis of ensuring the retro model, it also brings better aerodynamic effects. The frugal tail shape is based on the 911 GT3 and only eliminates the fixed spoiler, retaining the mid-mounted double exhaust and rear brake vents. The golden Speedster logo is a tribute to the Porsche Classic 365 Speedster.


In terms of details, the new generation 911 Speedster concept car is equipped with a new 21-inch retro rim, compared to the old models, and also redesigned retro-style rearview mirrors and headlights to pay tribute to the motorsport. Out of X shape.


In the interior, the lightweight seat frame based on the Porsche 911 GT3 is made of carbon fiber, while the exterior is made of hand-polished light brown aniline leather wrapped around the ancestors. The new generation of the 911 Speedster concept car on the interior is even more minimalistic. The car is not equipped with air conditioning systems, central control screens, multi-function steering wheels and radios. It is hoped that owners will be able to focus all their attention on driving.

In terms of power, the new 911 Speedster concept car will continue to carry a 4.0-liter horizontally opposed 6-cylinder engine with a maximum power of 500 hp and a peak torque of 461 Nm. The transmission is matched with a 6-speed manual gearbox.