Precautions after car sealing

- Sep 28, 2018-

Precautions after car sealing

1. Do not rinse the car with water within 8 hours after sealing the glaze, because during this time, the glaze layer will not fully condense and will continue to penetrate, and the flushing will wash away the uncondensed glaze.

2, after finishing the glaze beauty can try to avoid car wash, because the product can be anti-static, so the general dust can be wiped off with a clean soft cloth.

3. Do not wax again after the glaze is applied, because the wax layer may adhere to the surface of the glaze layer. When the glaze is added, the glaze effect will be affected by the isolation of the wax layer.

4, due to the difference in glaze, coupled with the impact of road conditions and the environment, generally the best glaze effect is 2 months to half a year.