PU material paint protection film

- Mar 30, 2018-

Material type of paint protection film

Second generation: PU material

Chemical properties: Polyurethane material (abbreviation for polyurethane) is a polymer material

Structural features: Polyurethane is an emerging organic polymer material, known as "the fifth largest plastic"

Nature changes: Due to the characteristics of polyurethane molecular structure, people change their elasticity, hardness and hydrophilicity by adjusting the proportion of polyurethane block components, among which polyurethane elastomers are the most advanced in polyurethane applications.

Polyurethanes are mainly used in: chemicals, electronics, textiles, medical, construction and building materials, automobiles, leather bags, etc.

The disadvantages of applying paint

1. Weak tensile properties, still can not cover the place where the vehicle has radian.

2. Tolerance to yellowing, yellowing after six months of use.

3. Scratches cannot be repaired.