Rolls Royce Silver Charm

- Dec 30, 2018-

Rolls Royce Silver Charm

Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost has two explanations. The first one refers to the 40/50HP car manufactured by Rolls-Royce from 1906 to 1926. The original number of Rolls-Royce "Silver Charm" is 40/50HP, its chassis. Originally produced by Rawls's factory in Manchester, it was produced in Derby in 1908 and then produced at the Springfield plant in Massachusetts from 1921 to 1926. The second type refers to a special car among the 40/50HP cars.

The chassis number is 60551, and the car with the registration number AX201 was later called "Silver Ghost", which is the source of 40/50HP called Silver Ghost. However, the factory has not recognized this name until the Phantom I (first generation phantom) was put into production in 1925, and the factory officially called the 40/50HP car "silver charm".

In the 20 years of 1906-1926, the total production of Silver Charm was 7,874. And replaced by the first generation of phantom after the suspension.

It is because of the silver charm that Rolls-Royce is known as the best car in the world - this is not the slogan of Rolls-Royce, but the 1907 Autocar magazine.