Solid wax features High-gloss and super water-skiing

- May 06, 2018-

The main component of the solid wax is a substance called “carnauba”, which is derived from a plant called “carnauba palm” in South America. The climate in South America is very dry. To prevent the leaves from drying out, the tree secretes a liquid that envelops the leaves. The liquid is carnauba. Carnauba can be divided into many classes according to its own purity: The purity of the product is very high, the color is close to pure white, the color of the secondary product is slightly yellowish, to the third grade the color is close to the grayish yellow, and after the fourth grade it is close to brown. Due to the relatively high levels of impurities in carnauba below the third level, they are often used for shoes instead of car wax. Most car waxes that can be seen on the market today are mixtures of second and third grade carnauba (which is considered to be better). As for grade 1 carnauba, its output is only 10% of the total output of carnauba. Therefore, it is very precious, and the products made with it are of course worthless. Such as "Zymol" car wax is a typical representative of such products,  Zymol features High-gloss and super water-skiing,the price of a small can of products converted into RMB as high as 20,000 yuan, of course, its effect is not on the market that ordinary car wax can match.