Steering wheel structure

- Jul 05, 2018-

Steering wheel structure

1. Skeletons, typically zinc alloys, or aluminum alloys, some manufacturers are experimenting with cheaper, lighter magnesium alloys. The skeleton is produced by die casting. A small number of manufacturers are still using steel sheet metal as a skeleton, and the structure is complicated.

2. Foaming, foaming material is produced in the foaming machine, and the skeleton is fixed in the foaming machine during production.

The combination of 1 and 2 is the simplest steering wheel.

steering wheel

steering wheel

3. Some steering wheels require external seams, which are usually completed by workers.

4. Some steering wheels require wood, and the wood chips are layered and finally painted using a special machine.

5. Some steering wheel wood is replaced by fake wood. False wood is usually injection molded with PP, ABS, etc., and then watermarked.

6. There will be a mounting clip or screw hole on the steering wheel corresponding to the main airbag DAB.

7. Some steering wheels require a horn contact. The simpler way is to press the horn contact into the frame. Another way is to make a horn contact module and integrate a part of the electrical harness and board on it.

8. Some steering wheels require a switch, mainly located on the spoke shell or the main airbag. The functions are generally radio, acceleration and deceleration, cruise, sound, and answering the phone. The steering wheel must not only provide mounting clips, but also a harness interface.

9. There is usually a multi-function switch module under the steering wheel, or paddle shift. At this time, you need to consider the electrical connection.