Summary of the characteristics of the American accident car market

- Jan 09, 2019-

Summary of the characteristics of the American accident car market

According to the US accident car market situation, we can draw the following conclusions:

1. The accident vehicle maintenance market is more centralized (contrast fast repair and maintenance market)

2. Maintenance terminal chain (rather than supply chain chain) dominates the accident vehicle market

Without exception, the four listed companies in the accident car repair are mainly terminal stores. Rather than being in the maintenance and repair market, the supply chain is the dominant factor.

3. The demand for terminal chain concentration is stronger

Because of the centralization of the payers of the accident vehicle maintenance (insurance companies), the demand for maintenance terminals to join together to obtain insurance company negotiations is more intense.

4. Service category diversification and expansion demand is high

According to the report, the combined company will provide customers with more services, such as a single solution for the product, including dedicated non-drivers, fast and aluminum certification and high-line repair centers. Services will also be added, such as glass, machinery, diagnostic scanning and calibration services, as well as the most extensive network of OEM certified locations in the United States.

Because of the low frequency and uncertainty consumption characteristics of the accident car, it is bound to require the accident car repair enterprise to increase the consumption in a single customer. Therefore, expanding consumer goods has become inevitable.

5, car dealers are relatively weak

Unlike China, the US independent aftermarket dominates. The status of auto dealers is relatively weak, which is also related to the slowdown in the US new car market for many years.

6. The insurance company did not enter the maintenance market as a business-oriented identity.

Insurance companies continue to work on insurance. Did not "reach" the maintenance industry.