Summer driving safety knowledge

- Aug 03, 2018-

Summer driving safety knowledge

First,Prevent fatigue driving

Driving and snoring is the most taboo thing, especially in the summer afternoon, it will make people sleepy. Sufficient sleep is the only way to prevent fatigue driving. If you are tired during driving, it is best to find a safe place to stop for a while. Set the alarm, about 15 minutes, still your energy. After getting a good night's sleep, it's safer to recover your energy and wake up.

Second, to prevent emotional excitement

Hot weather can always hook people's "fire" in minutes. If you encounter a person who does not obey the traffic rules, it is estimated that the person with a strong temper "Road anger" will immediately commit crimes. Driving at high temperatures, we must learn to control our emotions, do not move and irritate, and it is very unsafe to drive when the mood is too fluctuating.

Three to prevent engine high temperature

the remaining sun can't be underestimated. The strong sunlight will directly "burn the pot" of the car's engine. If you find that the car has a "open pot" phenomenon during driving, it is recommended that you do not immediately turn off the flame or add coolant; it is best to stop in a cool place to cool down, let the engine idle, open the hood to dissipate heat.

Four to prevent brake failure

For hydraulically braked cars, it is necessary to pay more attention to checking the quality and quantity of brake fluid to prevent the boiling point from decreasing and forming a gas resistance, which affects the braking effect. For a car that is pneumatically braked, it is necessary to check the maximum brake working pressure frequently and check whether the brake cup and hose are aging.

Five to prevent tires from bursting

In summer, the road surface temperature will reach 60-70 degrees Celsius. If the tire pressure is too high, it will be easy to puncture the tire if it touches the weak part of the tire. Therefore, we must keep the tire tire pressure within the specified range. Under normal circumstances, the summer tire pressure is lower than the normal tire pressure value by about 10%. PS: The normal service life of the tire is 3 years or 80,000 kilometers. If any of the above conditions are met, remember to replace it in time to avoid the explosion-proof tire.

Six to prevent wading traffic caused by flameout

Summer is also the season of frequent rain. If the car drives to the stagnant water section, it is recommended that you do not blindly force the passage. It is best to get off the bus and observe the depth of the water before deciding whether to pass. In addition, if you are unfortunately the car is extinguished in the water, do not start the car again, the correct way is to move the car to a safe place. PS: The car is wading and extinguishing. If it is launched again, the insurance company will not lose it.

Seven to prevent car fire

Summer sun is pungent, it is recommended that you do not put lighters, perfumes and other flammable products in the car. I believe that everyone has seen a lot of news that the car is exposed to the sun and the temperature inside the car causes the explosion or spontaneous combustion of the disposable lighter.