Summer glare threats, do you have these protective measures?

- Jun 05, 2018-

In the summer, the clear sky and the blazing sunshine make us feel more comfortable. However, in such an environment, the car is easy to get faster and faster, plus the current season, the sun's position is very low. If morning and evening peaks occur, the sun is extremely dazzling, and traffic accidents in the rear-end collisions are frequent. Here are some tips for everyone to avoid being hurt by the harsh sun.

1. Maintain the safety distance is the premise

2. Wear sunglasses

3. Do not place reflective objects under the center console and windshield

4. Stay away from "reflective" vehicles

5. Using visor

6. Use center console anti-reflective pad

7. Careful tunnels should be cautious

8. Clean the windshield dirt in time