Suntek film classification

- Nov 02, 2018-

Suntek film classification

First, the car insulation film: reduce glare, increase the comfort of the driver; block 99% of harmful ultraviolet rays; reduce air conditioning load, improve fuel efficiency; do not weaken the sight of night driving; through most of the world's film law; In the event of an accident, it helps to fix the broken pieces of glass; the real meaning of explosion-proof anti-theft performance. The main product models: top front film NSN70, front special film ULV70, P70, card 70, STD70) professional grade side film (HP series, SP series, STD series), advanced side film (Invitro series) And 4MIL safety explosion-proof membrane and so on. The card series is a carbon molecular structure, a global patent!

Second, building energy-saving membrane: with reduced heat and glare to add comfort; reduce heating and cooling costs, help prevent premature fading; add visual beauty; enhance privacy, etc., widely used in open floor design, high ceiling Punch and large area glass. For the home window film, it has the advantages of heat insulation, energy saving, UV blocking, and privacy. The commonly used home window foils are: IDS Infinity Series, SDS Series, SYDS Series, the color is natural and pure, beautiful and beautiful. Households love it.

Third, the safety explosion-proof membrane: to prevent vandalism and thieves; to prevent the glass from scattering; to fix the broken glass in the frame until it is safely removed; to maintain clear perspective and practically undetected; to block 99% harmful UV rays.

Fourth, decorative film: interior decoration film + large area glass for interior decoration, has become the favorite of simple decorative style, it is translucent and sturdy, full of space, unlimited expansion and realistic separation block, has replaced the traditional The home decoration style not only allows the room to have good natural light but also reduces the visibility. It is different from the traditional sandblasting, glaze, etching and stained glass. It has rich color, flexible wind and cloud transformation, simple and creative realization, and low cost. Safe and environmentally friendly, it has become the best choice for personal privacy in homes, offices, restaurants, shopping malls, and bedrooms and bathrooms. It has the characteristics of saving money and increasing privacy.