T3 Classic Model Introduction

- Jun 05, 2018-

T3 Classic Model Introduction

1.Westfalia Joker T3

T3's shape is very modern, and later abandoned the air-cooled engine, better power, and automatic transmission.


2.Tischer Doka

The residential car on the T3 pickup truck is called a piggy-back. The maximum weight is 450KG. The equipment inside is fully equipped, including toilets and cooking utensils.


3.Karmann Gipsy

The combined RV has a certain degree of difficulty in operation. This self-propelled RV can save a lot of trouble. The chassis adopts the T3 single-row lorry chassis. The configuration and equipment inside are very particular. The beds and furniture are all decorated with solid wood.


4.Westfalia Atlantic

The Atlantic's passenger car roof is raised by 20cm, and the sunroof makes the interior space more ample. The T3 body also uses a four-wheel drive version, equipped with steering assistance, ABS, electric glass lift and more.



This is a hybrid of Porsche and Volkswagen, and there is no obvious difference between the appearance and the general T3, but the Porsche is hidden behind the level of the 6-cylinder 3.2 Turbo attentive, it can output 231 horsepower, 0-100 km acceleration 9.6 seconds, The rarity of this T3 is almost equal to 911 rs2.7