Tempered glass advantage

- Jul 29, 2018-

Tempered glass advantage

A, Tempered glass has a high mechanical strength

a. Punching strength

The impact strength of tempered glass is 5-8 times that of ordinary glass of the same thickness. The 5mm thick tempered glass is impacted by 227g steel ball. The steel ball is not broken when it falls from 2-3 meters. The glass of the same thickness is broken at 0.4 meters. .

b. Bending strength

The bending strength is 3-5 times higher than that of ordinary glass. A piece of 6×1250×350mm glass strip is used, the ends are framed, and the middle weight is added. The maximum bending in the middle can reach 100mm without breaking.

B, has good thermal stability

Thermal stability refers to the ability of glass to withstand severe temperature changes without damage. Tempered glass can withstand temperatures ranging from 150-320C, while ordinary glass is only 70-90C. For example, tempered glass is placed on 0C ice and poured. Dissolved 327C lead water glass will not be broken

C, good safety performance