The advantages of Car cover

- Jun 18, 2018-

In addition to cleaning, sun protection and other functions, car cover have the function of super water repelling, which can prevent the freezing of vehicles against the freezing weather; effectively prevent falling objects, fireworks and other accidental factors on the vehicle damage; effective prevention of vehicles and accessories Theft activities. However, the use of car cover should also be appropriate. Car owners who do not have a car park must be equipped with a car cover. Even if they use car cover

In order to achieve the best cover effect, give the best protection for the vehicle, and now a new type of clothing support. Because the car cover is supported by the bracket and the  is away from the top of the car, there are many advantages:

1, dust

2, anti-rain, anti-frost

3, resist UV damage to car paint / interior / tires.

4, to a certain degree of heat insulation, summer to prevent excessive temperature inside the car.

5, to prevent pedestrians or children from scratching the car with a nail or a knife.

6, special treatment can be fire-retardant, to prevent the destruction of cars by fireworks artillery.

7, to a certain extent, to prevent theft of stolen goods, to avoid the stolen goods and other parts of the car