The basic role of car wax

- Jun 19, 2018-

The basic role of car wax

1.Waterproof effect

Cars are often exposed to the air and are inevitably affected by wind and rain. Car wax can reduce the adhesion of water droplets on the paintwork by 60% to 90%. Car wax can also make the water droplets remaining on the paint surface even and flat. , can reduce the water droplets caused by the strong sun exposure focus caused by dark spots, erosion and damage.

2.High temperature resistance

The anti-high temperature effect of car wax is to effectively reflect the incident light from different directions, prevent the incident light from penetrating the transparent paint, cause the aging and discoloration of the base paint, and prolong the service life of the paint.

3.UV protection

In fact, the anti-ultraviolet effect of car wax and its anti-high temperature effect is parallel, but the ultraviolet light in sunlight is easier to refract into the paint, anti-ultraviolet car wax fully consider the characteristics of ultraviolet light, make its damage to the car table reduce.

4.Antistatic effect

There are two main types of static electricity generated by cars: one is the friction generated by chemical fibers, silk wool fabrics such as carpets, seats, and clothing; and the other is the friction generated between the dust in the air and the body paint surface during driving. No matter what kind of reason is caused by static electricity, it will bring inconvenience to the occupants and even cause harm. Car wax anti-static function is mainly to cut off the air and dust and body paint surface friction. Waxing can not only effectively prevent static electricity on the car surface, but also greatly reduce the attachment of charged dust to the car surface.

5.Polishing effect

Polishing is one of the most basic functions of car wax. After waxing vehicles, it can improve the smoothness of its paint to varying degrees, so that the body can restore bright colors.