The definition of Glaze

- Feb 07, 2018-

Glaze  is also extracted from the oil, but also some fluorine resin composition, are through a dedicated vibration polishing machine glaze (polymer) pressed into the interior paint, forming a mesh of solid protective layer . Paint like human skin, all over the pores, such as capillaries, after enamel treatment, macromolecules can penetrate into these pores, the paint can be isolated from the air, so as to achieve antioxidant, to resist high temperature And acid rain function. And glaze warranty time longer than the wax, can be maintained to 2-3 months or so.

As the seal enamel construction, most of the lacquer polishing, up to 2-3 months after construction, so repeated construction will bring serious damage to the paint.

Advantages: longer than the wax adhesion to protect the paint longer, the construction is not easy to produce failure.

Disadvantages: the need to use machine construction, resistance to ultraviolet light is weak, Protect the paint time is short.