The difference between original car paint and 4S shop paint

- Mar 16, 2018-

Car paint is the skin of a car. The appearance of car paint affects the value and gas field of a car. Like a woman's face, it must be well maintained.

The joy of each car owner after he mentioned the new car was overt, but lack of understanding of the original car paint often resulted in damage to the car paint,For example, choose a cheap car wash Damaged car paint after using incorrect care. 

If you think: "The car paint is not worth the money protection, it will be off in two years, and it will cost thousands of dollars to paint the entire car in the 4S shop. It is much cheaper than car paint maintenance!" Craftsman told the rider That's a big mistake!

The paint on the new car is the perfect condition. If we need to re-paint the paint because of our careless or unprofessional care, even the original paint used in the 4S store still has a color difference.

Car paint is usually baked paint factory, also known as "high temperature paint." This complex process can be implemented only in the case of a bare frame. After several layers of processing such as putty, epoxy primer, primer, color paint, and varnish, some high-end brand paints are even more complicated. The processing of the process to achieve the best results, the processing temperature should reach 200 degrees or even have an automatic repair function.

Any brand of 4S shop, regardless of high-end 4S shop, sprayed paint, but also the second spray.

The second spray paint, in any case can not do the original paint effect! Refinishing paints are made with special refinish paints, and the paint shop is not a kind of paint. Refinishing paint baking temperature is relatively low, the general 4S shop refinish paint baking temperature is relatively low, around 70-80 °C, so it is also called "low-temperature paint." At different temperatures, the color fastness of the paint film is definitely different.

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