The difference between pre-washing and formal cleaning

- Feb 25, 2019-

The difference between pre-washing and formal cleaning

In many harsh climates, the body will adhere to a lot of mud, which will not only increase the difficulty of cleaning, but also increase the risk of scratching the paint.

Most of the fine lines of the paint are from the washing and wiping process of the vehicle, and the pre-washing is to first decompose the dirt of the car body, making it easier to wash off and reduce the damage of the dirt on the paint.

The difference between prewashing and formal cleaning is that

After the pre-washing spray foam covers the paint, it needs to stay and decompose for a few minutes, then rinse with a high-pressure water gun, and remove most of the dirt by the decomposition of the liquid agent and the flushing action of the high-pressure water gun.

Formal cleaning requires scrubbing, and the lubrication of the car wash liquid, combined with the car wash gloves, relatively safe to remove residual dirt.

When pre-washing, choose a special pre-washing liquid, or use a car wash liquid instead, depending on the dirtiness of the vehicle.

If the body is not dirty, just some dirt such as dust, then use ordinary car wash liquid or rinse with water to achieve the purpose of pre-washing;

If the body mud is mottled and dirty, it is naturally more reasonable to choose a more targeted product to pre-wash.

What we have to know is that the purpose of pre-washing is not to make the car wash more clean, but to reduce the friction damage caused by the subsequent operation of the paint.

It's not just pre-washing, even if it's officially cleaned, it doesn't necessarily wash the paint. We just wash away the dirt visible to the naked eye, and there are still a lot of stubborn dirt inside the paint.

After washing the car and doing a deep cleaning, you will find that the clay is still dirty, so don't expect the car wash to be completely clean.

There is no such thing as car beauty. You can only do a good job of cleaning and curing every step.