The main component of glass coating

- Jan 29, 2018-

At present,the market of crystal products can be divided into polysiloxane and polysilazane two broad categories.

※Polysiloxane: also known as silicone, is based on repeated Si-O health as the main chain, the silicon atom directly connected to the organic group of the polymer, the main chain structure of Si-O-Si, essentially the same as quartz , The difference is that the side groups attached to the organic groups, belonging to different polymerization degree chain structure polyorganosiloxane. Widely used in cosmetics, personal care products and automotive beauty and other fields.

Polysiloxane as the main component of the product characteristics of the crystal, with excellent heat resistance, weather resistance, hydrophobicity, radiation resistance, oxidation resistance, non-corrosive metal properties. Natural hardening crystallization, super environmental performance, simple construction, low cost. Storage methods must use glass bottles, aluminum bottles or drums.

※Polysilazane: can be simply divided into organic polysilazane and inorganic polysilazane, organic polysilazane is a side chain containing organic groups Si-N polymer; inorganic polysilazane is a pendant group Si-N polymer, chain-full hydrogen, commonly known as perhydropolysilazane. Perhydropolysilazane belongs to 100% inorganic nano-polymer. Widely used in liquid crystal display, microelectronics, automotive beauty and other fields.

KISHO glass coating mainly produces polysiloxane products.