The main features of the new COROLLA

- Jan 30, 2019-

The main features of the new COROLLA

The new COROLLA consists of two models, the COROLLA EX Corolla, the 10th generation “COROLLA Corolla” with the “newly developed platform, engine and increased vehicle size and new design” and the current COROLLA Corolla. FAW Toyota will cover the market from the low end of the mid-size car to the high-end of the small car with the COROLLA Corolla, and the COROLLA EX Corolla will follow the next level to meet the consumer market in the Chinese market. Diversified needs.

The product features of the 10th generation of the new COROLLA Corolla are: the overall width of the vehicle has increased significantly, creatively achieving a wide, low, passionate, and contemporary design, while improving ride comfort, beyond the small cars of the past. The inherent impression is comparable to that of a mid-size car.

On the powertrain, the new COROLLA Corolla is all new with dual VVT-i

At the same time, the new model with a 1.6L engine has been added, and the 1.8L and 1.6L engines have been combined to form a more substantial product lineup. In addition to the 4-speed automatic transmission, the newly developed 6-speed manual transmission has been adopted for the first time in this class, achieving the world's top high power output performance and fuel economy. In line with the use of the new platform, COROLLA Corolla's R&D team also developed a new front and rear suspension system, and the steering system also adopted a new EPS electric power steering device. In terms of safety performance, the COROLLA Corolla's standard configuration includes GOA body and BA brake assist system. In the high-level models, the VSC body stability control system and the curtain-type SRS air bag are adopted, both in terms of active safety and passive safety. A lot of security measures. In the previous crash test (E-NCAP) in Europe, the COROLLA Corolla's frontal crash test received the highest rating of 5 stars, which is confirmed by its high safety performance.