The main function of AI car

- Mar 30, 2019-

The main function of AI car

[My Itinerary] records the current location and information of the car, including today's mileage km, driving duration Hour, and average speed km/h.

[Tire pressure detection] Real-time detection of your vehicle tire pressure, including: recommended warning value, tire maximum temperature, front tire pressure range, rear tire pressure range.

[Vehicle Tracking] The vehicle positioning information is tracked by the app, the electronic fence is set, and the vehicle implementation position information is grasped.

[One-click access] Share the location through friends. One-click jump to WeChat positioning, it is more convenient to pick up people.

[Illegal Enquiry] View violation records at any time and anywhere, including important vehicle information.

[Car evaluation] Keep abreast of the latest market trends and accurate vehicle evaluation.

[WeChat pick-up] One-click to jump to WeChat, friends share location.

[Traffic Recharge] Supports WeChat and Alipay dual platforms, and the traffic recharge is fast and convenient.