The main function of the brake assist system

- Apr 15, 2019-

The main function of the brake assist system

The brake assist system includes an electronic brake assist system "EBA" and a brake assist system "BA" (also called "BAS"), which can increase the brake action (force and speed) of the driver by increasing the brake action (force and speed). Brake force to shorten the braking distance. For drivers like the elderly or women who do not have enough ankles and leg strength, the advantages of the system will be more pronounced. The mechanical brake assist system "BA" is actually the predecessor of the electronic emergency brake assist system "EBA".

main role

1. Used to prevent the wheel from locking when the brakes are applied.

2. When the axle load is generated during the braking of the car, the braking force distribution ratio of the front and rear axles is automatically adjusted to improve the braking efficiency.

3. Determine the driver's braking action, increase the braking force during emergency braking, and shorten the braking distance.

4. When the car has wheel slip, roll or tire losing adhesion, while reducing the engine speed, the brakes are purposefully controlled for individual wheels, and finally the car is introduced into the normal track, thus avoiding the vehicle The danger caused by losing control.

5. By controlling the driving force, the sliding rate of the driving wheel tire can be reduced to prevent bumping and the car tends to be stable.