The main function of the car black box

- Nov 17, 2018-

The main function of the car black box

1. Self-test function After the recorder is powered on, it will test the various components and interfaces of the system. After the self-test is passed, the “嘀-” sound will prompt the user recorder to start normal operation;

2, with identification function Drivers use U disk to verify identity each time driving, the recorder classifies each driver's driving data;

3. Recording and storage functions of vehicle travel time, speed and mileage Record the time, speed and mileage of the stored vehicle in detail;

4. Overspeed alarm and recording function When the car exceeds the preset overspeed value, it will alarm and record the first time;

5, overtime driving (fatigue driving) alarm and recording function Drivers drive for nearly 4 hours, the recorder will voice prompts, more than 4 hours to start recording;

6. With the accident diagnosis record analysis function, the recorder will record the vehicle speed and brake information 20 seconds before the accident at 0.2 second intervals;

7. Display print function The average speed record per minute, overtime driving (fatigue driving) record, overspeed record and vehicle related information in the last 15 minutes can be displayed and instantly printed by LCD LCD;

8, data communication function can collect recorder data through standard USB or serial port, set the recorder parameters; vehicle information, driver file management functions

9. The management software provides a good man-machine interface to realize vehicle information, driver file entry, modification, query statistics and report printing functions; increase economic efficiency, scientific and reasonable staff scheduling, vehicle maintenance.

10, store video images (optional camera, SD card)