The main function of the car electric tailgate

- Jan 29, 2019-

The main function of the car electric tailgate

1, the hand is integrated

The driver and passenger can realize the opening and closing of the tailgate by pressing the tailgate of the vehicle, the remote control car key or the hand or any object sensing operation in the corresponding area of the tailgate, so as to avoid the quick and easy realization when the door is opened due to inconvenient handling of many objects. Objects are stored in the vehicle.

2, intelligent anti-pinch function

When the tailgate is closed, the obstacle is detected by the sensor. When the electric tailgate is opened or closed, an obstacle is encountered, and the door moves in the opposite direction, effectively preventing the child from being injured or damaging the vehicle.

3, emergency blocking function

In the event of an emergency, the tailgate needs to be closed urgently. During the opening or closing of the electric tailgate, the tailgate can be stopped at any time by the remote control key or the tailgate of the vehicle, and the control can be controlled as desired.

4, high memory function

The height of the tailgate can be adjusted. The owner can set the final opening height of the tailgate according to the usage habits. Just press the tailgate to open the key to the predetermined height, then press the key for more than 5 seconds. When you hear a click, you can complete the setting of the tailgate opening height. The height will automatically rise to the set height the next time the tailgate is opened.