The measures to be taken when cleaning the injector of the three-way catalytic converter

- Aug 14, 2018-

The measures to be taken when cleaning the injector of the three-way catalytic converter are as follows

1. Turn off the engine and turn the ignition switch to the OFF position.

2. Disconnect the fuel pump fuse (relay or remove the oil pump circuit plug from the tank)

3. Remove the oil supply and return line of the vehicle injector, install the corresponding quick connector on the supply and return line according to the vehicle type, and connect it with the cleaning machine. (The return pipe can be installed with blind block,)

4. The ternary cleaning agent (1004 fuel repair agent) is added to the washing machine tank at a ratio of 1 bottle to 1000 ml.

5. Turn on the power, the positive pole of the red pick-up battery, and the negative pole of the black pick-up battery.

6. Pressure regulation: Set the pressure regulating valve to low pressure, turn the timer to the highest value, turn on the power switch of the washing machine, and adjust the working pressure of the cleaning machine according to the electric gasoline pump of the constructed vehicle.

7. Check: Check that all connectors are connected to ensure no oil leakage.

8. Cleaning: Start the engine, start the cleaning work, the engine will automatically extinguish the fire when the cleaning agent is used up. (When the engine alarm occurs, it will stop cleaning. You can stop or choose to continue according to the situation. If you continue, turn the timer to a high value.) If an abnormality occurs during the cleaning process, immediately turn off the power switch of the washing machine and continue working after the correction.

9. After cleaning, disconnect the power switch of the cleaning device, disassemble the connection between the cleaning equipment and the vehicle, and restore the original fuel pipeline and circuit system of the vehicle.

10. Start the engine and check for leaks. After everything is normal, the cleaning work is over.

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