The origin of the Formula Racing car

- Nov 27, 2018-

The origin of the Formula Racing car

Motor racing originated in 1894. At that time, there was no restriction on the participating vehicles. After the establishment of the International Motor Sports Federation in 1904, it began to try to classify and limit the participating vehicles for fairness and safety. The early classifications have been tried from various angles, including the maximum vehicle weight, fuel consumption rate, cylinder radius, etc., but the effect is not satisfactory, until the introduction of the concept of cylinder capacity has a satisfactory effect. This is the meaning of "equation": a limit to all participating vehicles.

The first Formula One (F1) competition was born in 1950. After more than 50 years of development, the FIA's regulations on racing cars have already exceeded the simple requirements for vehicle exhaust. The car must be designed and manufactured in accordance with the vehicle technical rules issued by the FIA, including body size, weight, engine displacement, maximum power, whether to use the supercharger and all technical parameters of the tire pattern, size and other racing. Simply put, it is produced in an equation (not a mathematical equation), so it is called a formula car.

The manufacturing procedures for Formula Cars at all levels are different. There are currently three levels of Formula Cars under the jurisdiction of the FIA. The highest level is Formula 1, followed by Formula 3000, followed by Formula 3. There are no manufacturers or engines specified in these three levels. As long as they are built according to the "equation", they can join the competition.

There are a number of formula cars of uniform size all over the world. The construction of the "equation" is made by the manufacturer itself, because every car is the same. Most of these formula cars are used as entry-level events. For example, Renault Sports, the car manufacturer Renault's racing department, designed the Renault equation. Others include the BMW equation and the Ford equation.