The pioneer brand in the paint protection film industry

- Jun 26, 2018-

The pioneer brand in the paint protection film industry

PTF is a pioneering brand in the paint protection film industry and has always been committed to the development and innovation of paint protection films. It is the only paint protection film that uses green, flame-retardant and breathable surface materials, and a proprietary memory glue patent formula. Brand. PTF from the United States, the global brand operations center in California, the United States, factories in Florida and Massachusetts, USA, always adhere to the United States production, only to provide the market with the highest quality paint products.

Brand purpose

Car paint mask R & D, production, sales

Brand core values

Focus on the customer and insist on creating the greatest value for the customer.

Brand Concept

Adhering to the "integration with the world's standards, cast the top of the paint protection film" concept, "quality first, the customer first, rigorous and pragmatic, pioneering spirit" for product development, and strive to create a world standard automotive paint protective film.

Brand vision

PTF hopes to stick to its dreams and be creative, becoming a thinker and pioneer in the paint mask industry. A thoughtful, pursuing brand. A responsible brand for consumers is also a brand that is respected by consumers!