The reason for the stable performance of polysiloxane products

- May 31, 2018-

Silicone is a high-functional material that combines both inorganic and organic properties, but siloxane bonds and molecular structure are creating superior properties. The silicon atom has four hands. These four hands have the property of linking other silicon atoms with oxygen through oxygen and becoming longer and longer. This bond connecting silicon and oxygen (--Si - O - Si -) is called siloxane bond. In addition to siloxane bonds in the hands of silicon, various properties can be imparted by connecting methyl groups, phenyl groups, other organic groups (also called functional groups), and the like. Since the siloxane bond has the same structure as inorganic materials such as glass and quartz, the binding energy is much greater than the main chain of organic polymer, C - C bond or C - O bond. Therefore, even if the temperature reaches as high as 200 ° C, its bond does not break and it is chemically stable, so it is very excellent in heat resistance and weather resistance.